Hi, I'm Tony and I'm here to help you bring your unique vision to life through art.

For over 30 years, I've designed, painted and sculpted fine art for many individuals, businesses and organizations including TechSmith, Art in the Loft, R.E.Olds Transportation Museum, Potter Park Zoo and Adams Outdoor Advertising.

Art Inside You is the work I've developed through helping people create art and creating my own art.


About 15 years ago, while leading a public community mural project, I became aware of something that has since become the main theme of Art Inside You, which is this:

Inside every person is a child who was and still is an artist.

You can read a little more about this in the Art Inside You section of the home page.

I have seen individuals reawaken their inner artist either through the act of painting or through having their vision created into a work of art.  My versatility as an artist has grown with each individual I've worked with. My role as an artist is being someone who amplifies the music inside of those I work with.  Whatever form of art we create together by my hand, your hand or the hands of many is truly being created from the art inside YOU.

Do you have an interest in finding out if I can help you bring an event or project you have in mind to life?  If so, please email me so we can find out together what is possilble.

Would you like to learn a little more about me?

Filmmaker and photographer Petra Daher has made the following video to introduce you to me and my work ...  

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Art Inside You