Art Inside You is the work of artist Tony Hendrick helping people to create art. 

Want Your Event or Project to Be Ultra Cool?

Your vision is unique, the people involved are unique, so how about having that be the thing to celebrate? There is art inside you and those around you. Expressing it with each other can be a lot of fun when you have the right materials to play with and an experienced artist helping you.

What's Your Event?

Examples to inspire.

What's Your Project?

Examples to inspire.

Art Inside You

Questions to stir the artist inside you.

Proposal Process

A plan to get things rolling.

What's Your Event?

Here are some examples:

Corporate Event

Employees paint a 5' x 10' painting for their office during the company's 30th birthday event. 

Art for Healthcare Facilities

Patients and their family, friends and community design and paint 7 murals for the cancer center's garden wall.

Park Beautification 

The community of a local zoo design and paint 10 murals to beautify the farm animal event center.

Workshops and Presentations

Hosted by museums, galleries, education centers, artist studios, art centers, organizations and businesses. 

What's Your Project?

Here are some exampes:


A community comes together with its local art center to design and paint 13 fish for a huge 3-D mural. 


A history museum helps the community remember a beloved gathering place and shared memories of a car company that helped build a town and a world-wide industry.


An advertising company pops their customer's ad with a giant 3-D billboard.


A family brings their memories of northern Michigan vacations into their living room.

If you hear a voice within you say, 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.            -Vincent Van Gogh

Art Inside You

Does Vincent Van Gogh's quote (above) ring true for you?

You don't have to have ever painted to get that quote.  It's the kind of thing you can learn over and over again. Working with other people has really brought it home for me as I've found it to be the golden key that unlocks the door to a huge amount of creativity. It's the focus of a simple story I'll share with you and any group I work with to get us started painting.

Do you have a childhood drawing that stands out in your memory?

The drawing that stands out for me is the one I drew of my dog “on the cross” after my parents told me that Jacque was going to die.  My parents are very encouraging towards me with my art, but in this particular case, I was surprised by their reaction as they gently and carefully explained why it might not be appropriate to have our dog Jacque on the cross.

Does your memory shape the way you view your art?

42 years later as I write you this story, I realize the impact my memory might have had on my career as an artist. If your process of creating is like mine, then it comes from sensing and feeling. When my mind gets nervous about what shows up, it jumps in to ask, “Why did you do that?” and tries to answer the question.

What's it like to create when you're unsure of what'll show up?

For me, I experienced a lot of anxiety and frustration. Then, about 15 years ago, I was given a gift when I was asked to guide other artists and self-proclaimed non-artists to paint a community mural.  I say “self-proclaimed” because of an insight that came to me while I was walking through my son’s elementary school hallway.  I was thinking about why the mural I painted with a lot of people who said, "I'm not an artist" turned out so well.

(Do you know someone who says they're not an artist?)

The answer was clear when I saw that every piece of art hanging in the elementary school hallway was wonderful and full of life.  I realized we are all born artists, and even though some of us get it taught out of us, the artist still lives somewhere inside. All that the artist needs is a loving and gentle invitation to come outside and play.

Would you like to play again?

I invite you to share your unique vitality and life and explore what it’s like to play with paint again.  You see, the gift I was given is trusting the process and simply being OK with who I’m designed to be.  I’m an artist who works best in response to something, especially when others give me something to respond to.

Can you give me your unique vision to respond to?

Proposal Process


Discuss the Project


Visit the Site


Write a Proposal


Create a Design

1. Discuss the Project

It starts out with an email or Facebook message and then we can follow up with more details over the phone.

2. Visit the Site

Is there a site you have in mind?  If we decide it makes sense, I can visit your site or meet you in person to help provide you with an accurate and detailed proposal. Or, it might be more appropriate to provide you with an estimate or proposal based on our talk over the phone.

3. Write a Proposal

The proposal I prepare will be unique to you and will require the time that matches your vision.  Depending on the type and size, a project might need an initial proposal estimate with a few follow up refinements. Or, we could decide that it makes sense for you and your project or event to start out with a basic pricing structure and a single estimate. 

4. Create a Design

A preliminary design is often a major part of an entire project as it allows you and me to become partners in bringing your vision to life.  Here are a few differents ways a preliminary design can be used:

  • A call can be sent out to the community for design submissions.
  • A design can be created to inspire the participants of your event to create their own painting.
  • A design can be used to inspire project support and fund raising.
  • A 3-D scale model can be used to help envision a larger 3-D project.
  • We can create a design together based on your vision and suggestions.

The design can be in the form of a drawing, photo, digital collage, painting, 3-D model or another form that fits. You can see past projects to get examples of different ways a preliminary design has been used.

Art Inside You